Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A map to help you eat local

I stumbled across this map, which shows by state and month, what ingredients are in season. Very spiffy graphics. When checking for Wisconsin, it does become apparent that it can be challenging to eat local around here. For November through May, the growing season is listed as dormant and you would have to go for stored items, such as apples and potatoes. This does put our challenges of hosting a local meal in March into perspective.

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Kim said...

Well...that would help explain the challenges that we faced planning the menu! LOL!

It also shows what we may wish to add to our garden in order ot extend our growing season. Right now we grow everything but the following: asparagus, sorrels, nettles (ok...we DO grow these but I'm not sure I really want to eat them!), corn (though I would rather buy form Allen's and save the space in the garden), muskmelon, watermelon, cranberries (again - I think I'd rather buy from a good source). Only 7 items listed that we don't grow ourselves...not too bad!