Monday, August 20, 2007

Weekend canning update

Sunday was really busy at our house! We harvested 75% of our beets - they really did well this year! And pickled enough for about 14 quarts. We should have enough for a few years now.

We also made about 30 pints of raspberry jam. Between our own consumption, selling some, and giving some away, that should last us through next year. We had about 3 pounds of berries from our own canes. Pretty good considering this was just their second season. I think we may be able to harvest 3-4 times that amount next year. The rest of the berries we picked ourselves at a nearby farm.

Sunday night we sat down to a very local meal: Grilled porkchops from Cattleana Ranch, Twice baked potatoes (own potatoes), roasted beets (obviously our own beets), and a green salad (just a few lettuce leaves weren't from our yard).

Any ideas what to do with 20+lbs of surplus beets?

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Anonymous said...

Normally sustainable living practices would discourage canning during the hot summer months in order to avoid overheating the house and adding additional strain on the air conditioner. However, the weather was perfect for canning - cool (upper 60s) and damp. So instead of turning on the heater, we kept warm by moving around in the kitchen and enjoying the heat from the stove.