Friday, August 17, 2007

Harvest Time

Our tomatoes are finally starting to ripen (they got in a little late this year, and was probably planted a bit too close). But now they are here, and we get to have the best-tasting fresh tomatoes around!

We grow some cherry tomatoes that are really great just off the vine (or a few packed in a lunch). They will keep producing until the frost kills the plants, probably sometime in October. This year we'll have an extra abundance of these, since they are pretty good at self-sowing, and we left some of those plants instead of pulling them. Looks like we'll have plenty.

We've already harvested all the raspberries and strawberries. They were mostly frozen along with some we picked at a local farm. We also have rhubarb in the freezer. This weekend we'll be making jam. Probably quite a lot (we did pick about 40 pounds of strawberry alone!).

We should also have time to pickle the beets. If you aren't keen on store-bought pickled beets, try pickling some yourself. It's really worth the effort. What are you canning/pickling/preserving this harvest season?

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