Friday, September 21, 2007

Native plant dilemma

We have planted a bunch of native prairie plants in many parts of our yard and are happy with them. Last fall we were impressed with the sunflowers we saw growing in some empty lots around here and dug a couple up and put in a spot that needed more plants. Throughout the spring and summer we watched the plants come up and up and up - at least 10 feet high. But no flowers. Then all of a sudden we got an explosion of 4-inch sunflowers - very impressive display.

Only problem is, we did some digging, and it turns out they are sawtoothed sunflowers, which are native plants, but also very aggressive. And while we like how they look, and would love to keep them around all winter as bird food, shelter, and wind break, we also are not interested in these plants completely taking over. So, this weekend they will likely be dug up and composted...

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